Jobs That Can Support A Family

Through her years of work with members of the community, Nancy sees how wages are failing to keep up with people’s needs. Too often, parents are forced to work multiple jobs and still not able to make ends meet. Nancy believes an honest day’s work should earn a living wage. That’s why Nancy supports unions for working people, a raise to the minimum wage, elimination of the benefits cliff, a greater focus on skilled trades, and paid family leave.

Lower Prescription Costs

When people must choose between life-saving medication and putting food on the table, our system is broken. Nancy believes that this is not a choice that any person must make. As our State Representative, she’ll work so people will not need to make this impossible decision. She will end prescription drug price gouging, deliver affordable medications for seniors, veterans, and our most vulnerable, and move Ohio to a system that focuses on keeping people healthy – not simply treating the ill.

Keeping Housing Affordable

As central Ohio continues to grow, so does the scarcity of affordable homes. Through her work, Nancy sees how families who make an honest living can’t keep up with the skyrocketing price of homes and property taxes. These costs force people out of communities they’ve called home for decades and create a new class of homelessness. Nancy believes we can create a community where central Ohio continues to thrive and we respect the rights of our residents.

Secure Options for Seniors

Nancy knows our seniors deserve safe, affordable, and reliable care options. She will stand up for programs and benefits that allow seniors to age in place. Should a person benefit from an assisted living facility, Nancy believes we need to provide local, high-quality facilities so people are not forced from their community. At the end of the day, Nancy knows that people can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones.