Nancy grew up in the small, rural town of Nevada City, California. Her hometown is nestled in the Sierra Mountain Foothills and is known for gold mining and as the setting for the Hallmark Christmas Movie “The Christmas Card.”  

Nancy’s father, Joseph Day, was a WWII Veteran who supported his family as a Real Estate Broker and accountant. Her mother, Roberta, stayed at home while Nancy and her brothers were young and then later returned to work before retiring. Both of her parents were active in their community. Her parents’ focus on their community instilled a strong sense of responsibility in Nancy – a tradition she continues through her work today.

Like many Ohioans, Nancy grew up in a blended family. She has two older half-sisters, Dorene and Joyce, and older and younger brothers, Joe and Ed. Her half-sisters grew up in a different religious tradition, which gave Nancy an early exposure to the diversity of religious thought and the importance of respecting differences and living harmoniously together.

Nancy grew up attending public schools, graduating from Nevada Union High School in 1979.  Nancy’s experience of receiving a quality education at public schools is at the root of her passion for ensuring that all children have the opportunity to succeed.

Nancy’s first job out of high school was assisting customers in the catalog department of JC Penney. The experience gave her a great appreciation for people working in customer service and those working behind the scenes. In 1985 she accepted a position at a local, small business where she started as a receptionist and was eventually promoted to General Manager and Corporate Administrator. During her time in business, she faced what so many working families do – layoffs and the stress of providing for her family.

While working full-time and raising a child on her own, Nancy attended classes at night and earned her degree in Business Management. Like many people in the United States, she experienced the challenges and hardships faced by women and men who raise their families without a co-parent.

In 2005, Nancy moved to Delaware, Ohio to attend the Methodist Theological School in Ohio to earn her Master of Divinity. By attending year-round and carrying a full academic load, she was able to graduate after three years.

Nancy and her husband Jeff, along with their dog, Arnie, live in Columbus. Jeff is a retired electrical engineer at AEP and a veteran of the US Army and US Air Force. Together, they visit their daughter and son-in-law, Emerald and Ken, and grandchildren Nolan (age 6) and Maddie (age 4) as often as they can.


Nancy Day-Achauer believes we need a representative who represents the people of central Ohio. 

Nancy knows you cannot represent people you don’t know, and the only way you can get to know the community is when you connect with people. We need a State Representative that is connected with all the communities in the district. Nancy regularly attends events and meetings so she can listen to peoples’ concerns and participate in the many communities that make up House District 23. As our State Representative, Nancy will hold regular community hours throughout the district to hear from constituents – something that’s long overdue. 

We need elected officials who will address issues that are important to residents instead of focusing on their own special interests. Nancy believes in listening to residents first and then responding with collaborative action. Her people-focused, collaborative style of public service is needed in our Statehouse.

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