Nancy Day-Achauer is passionate about making life better for everyone. She has worked on the Westside of Franklin County as a United Methodist Pastor since July 2012. 

Nancy dedicates her time to helping people from all walks of life. She has worked in urban, rural and suburban communities in Ohio. Nancy knows they all have unique experiences and needs.

Nancy Day-Achauer is now looking to expand her work by Representing the 23rd House District – including Grove City, Galloway, Hilliard, Jackson Township, Norwich Township, Prairie Township, Franklin Township, Urbancrest, and Columbus – in the Ohio State Legislature.

Business Background

Day-Achauer has years of experience working in business management and corporate administration as well as six years of community advocacy and grassroots organizing around the opiate epidemic, senior services, food insecurity, and homelessness.

Work in Southwestern Franklin County

Nancy’s ongoing community engagement in southwestern Franklin County means she understands the unmet needs of each community. She has seen the impact opiates had on the west side of Franklin County and has formed partnerships to bring prevention, education and harm reduction to communities throughout Central Ohio.

Nancy works all over Franklin County helping organizations discern how they can respond to the opiate epidemic effectively with limited resources. She has stood on corners in The Hilltop talking to drug users and distributing Narcan and fentanyl test strips. She’s not afraid of the gritty work.

Fighting for Seniors

When Nancy learned that older adults in southwestern Franklin county lacked the services needed for seniors, she started a senior services initiative that resulted in the launch of Ville on the Hill – a program to help seniors age in place.

Combating Homelessness

Nancy fights tirelessly to address the homelessness crisis by working with residents to open a homeless resource center on the Westside in November of 2017 using only donations and volunteers. 

When she discovered that Prairie Township did not have access to a public food pantry or free produce distribution, Nancy partnered with others to bring a free, year-round produce market to the community.

A New Day for Ohio

Nancy has been attacking the hard problems in southwestern Franklin County for years. In addition to her day job as a Pastor, Nancy builds coalitions by listening to the community, creating partnerships and building relationships.

For too long, entrenched politicians have represented corporate fat cats and wealthy special interest groups while leaving our seniors, our children, and working families behind.

Average Ohioans have lost out to failing energy companies, failing for-profit charter schools and debilitating local government cuts that have left our communities behind.

It’s time the government started working for us. It’s time for a new day. Vote Nancy Day-Achauer.

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